What is AFK?

We are the events company not afraid to talk nerdy!

We at AFK want to bring  social gaming to a brand new level. In a world of ‘online-only’ games and angry 12 year-olds abusing you over a microphone we aim to provide an experience that combines the nostalgic fun of the best games you played as a kid (like Mario Kart 64 and Pokemon Stadium) with the latest and greatest that next generation gaming has to offer.

Whether you have been a gaming veteran all your life or you just like playing the occasional game of COD online with your mates, AFK wants to take you away from your living room and let you experience the entertainment that can only be had in a friendly and social environment filled with like-minded individuals.

We currently run night-time events out of licensed venues which include Tournaments, Cosplay Contests, Huge prizes and more Games consoles than you can poke a stick at. Scroll down to see when we our next event is!


Next Event



09092015 - 7:30 PM - 11:00PM


The Brass Monkey

Perth, Western Australia 6003


An Event Packed full of GEEK PRIDE that welcomes every kind of gamer to NERD OUT together.

*Unique Party Card Games

*The Best Multiplayer Games
*Cheap Drink and Food Specials

$5 Entry, 18+ only

But how do I get there?



We are all about building a strong community of gamers.
We want to work together hand in hand with any and all people who share our passion of providing Perth geeks with community inspired events that will bring to light growing business’, feature up and coming indie games studios, and inspire other gamers to get away from their keyboards(pun intended). If you wish to collaborate with us on anything please don’t hesitate to message us.

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